Green Wood Goat

Ireland was my first thought when I read 2015 Chinese horoscope. Sheep herders there sometimes “tag their sheep” by simply using a spray can. I needed a boost to my spirit given that last year was a little rough and I made changes without much thought and more impulse. I looked back and I was much like the sheep I saw while in Ireland, meandering and looking for the next patch of grass minding my own business. My coat growing heavy and wet with regret and knowing there’s more I should be doing to grow and explore. Here comes the part where the sheep is shorn and underneath is a fresh start. Year of the Goat which states it it will be a year of peace balance harmony and calmness. Just in time because I have a affinity at times for the opposite, like control chaos. I am open to receive this or am I not? I want a different life without detracting from the one I have been living. The best has yet to come as they say so I will greet the new year with my chin up and my pack ready.



Low down dirty truth

Guess what?  I’d throw that vial in the Potomac or down the drain. Just like Col. Nathan Jessup in the movie “Few Good Men” “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” He was right. I can’t handle anyone’s truth but my own and the last time someone told me their truth I was completely devastated. So there.

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Community Inspired

I read and commented on An American Social Worker In London who wrote about showing up to an Interview. I agreed wholeheartedly as he shared that one should be present presentable and prepared. Then I scrolled down and BAM got hit with piece. A call for a Black Caucus to provide an environment that is conducive to elevating people so that they may thrive and all that is Implied. I talked it over with family and we agreed that others suffering have not gone unnoticed. We also agreed to remain steadfast to supporting others. “To whom much is given much is expected” is the thought that has remain after his reading. My futile attempt to find the other individual who wrote about the death in Ferguson was not successful my thoughts lingered long after reading her passionate opinion. Around that time I was driving through Missouri very close to the city and I was sad and scared. Later that evening I played poker in Kansas City and not a single person brought up the ordeal. Mind you everything gets talked about at the poker table. I thought maybe it’s to painful to discuss I choose not to think that no one cared.


It’s all about me Not really.

 We can get out of the way of Elephants and tigers but it’s the ants and mosquitoes that are gonna kill us. People poker and traveling have been on my radar for a long time so I had a chance to hop in truck and go.  Blogging started out of necessity because the older I get the more files I have go through. Although nursing is rewarding so are many other things and I want to keep track of it all.  I may not be an expert but desire for these things will drive me to become one. My style is short and sweet easy to read nothing heavy duty because we all know how the world is anyways. Ziajian and Shalom. 

Dr. Tea

Ah the intimidation and the fear. I remember our first encounter You don’t. The rhetoric I listened to while your hands and mind were busy.  Yourwpid-fb_img_13923925647274013.jpg spouse says you are Gifted. I say you are throw back to a time  when TV introduced us to Marcus Welby MD. and Emergency and the doctor was  always right.  You were to me a feminist of  the second wave.   To me you championed many a female.  You struck a chord in me enough to quote a part of a Famous Carly Simon song “I bet you think this song is about you”  It is.

The boyfriend. Man partner

Omg the taste of defeat…no way. I toiled over what to say given this assignment. Some have said the impact of others is never known in my case I want you to know.  Subtleties do not apply with you. You are a force of nature that at times I am not prepared for yet I face you straightforward even as I walk away.I am listening.  The skills you possess blow me away.  The math you solve so quickly,  your physical strength which is so deceptive based on how you look  produce  a quiet knowing that I will never experience fear. You often say “I know you”  I say “So what I don’t want to know you”, I want to keep admiring you, hang with you and accept you. You say “You always get what you want”.

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Blanca Beautiful…2.0

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This is the Blanca. I met Miss feral about 5 years ago. She is a testament to love. “We’ve had a lot of feral cats come and go” we soften all her food and she has water. I can’t believe she is thriving consider the circumstances. She is a lovely mess I think she’s a girl. She subscribes to the same condition as when I first wrote about her. Thank you Blanca for sticking around and teaching me the power of love for all things beautiful. Ziajian.
/”>20130627_221051“Please put out some food for Blanca” hanging out at my folks Welding shop in between  trucking gigs I see Blanca a contorted cat as though she’s been flattened by a flatbed. Her meow isn’t even complete I tear up never having seen an animal near death I think initially,  I take a pic and miraculously she appears more feline and proper since it does not capture the missing teeth blackened gum line and consistent eye crud. I leave food out walk back into office and my Mom says “isn’t she beautiful I just love her” No mystery feral sticks around where fed. I say to self “she is so ugly she is beautiful.”