Character defects

Have you ever been so sick that coughing caused you to throw up. I am trying to get better by hibernating. Being infirm reveals a side of ourselves that is pretty accurate. Some of us are big babies and no fun being involved with them. I learned how to be sick from my mom. She is wonderful as she hands over the Vicks 44 (original version had alcohol) and tells me or my little brother “take a swig” a swig turns out to be 2 teaspoons or 10 cc which is the desired dose anyway. And she didn’t take temps rectal or otherwise. When you kid is sick you know it. She knew when my sister was sick even when the doctors told her she wasnt. This is sad tale as my sister had a malformation of the heart, Marlene was a “blue baby” and when she cried in a slight moment her color changed. She lived for 6 months. I think about Marlene the sister I almost knew, whenever my breathing is painful. Then I think about my mom and the trouble she had growing up as a young mom with two little ones. My bio dad was in the picture but he was not dialed in like my mom. Our little joke is being sick is not a character defect it is a blessing that tells us we are vulnerable fragile little souls that require nurturing and respite. And for this I am grateful.



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