Are You Happy?

During Winter months the household moving industry slows down like molasses in the refrigerator. Maybe I go to Texas or Arizona we won’t know. Minnesota was offered but it’s just too dangerous. So I’m waiting to leave camping out at my mom’s pad and recently I asked my mom ” Who do you or I know who is happy? Whatever your definition it’s enough to know what it is. So my list was short “I think doctor Tom is happy…” I think my mom is happy, my mom states her list and we agree it’s accurate. I was not on her list and I agreed to that too. I am three quarters happy and I am accepting this for now. I made changes to get to that Pharell place. I saw an old neighbor and he shared about his ex even after several years, is still complaining about her settlement. He said she is intolerable. I knew her personally and she was a good friend. He made a statement not a dig, not a scorn remark from an acrimonious divorce just “she’s intolerable”. At the poker table we started the table chat and the dealer said. ” I desire to be happy” what I got out from the discussions are the following. People are honest about themselves (refreshing) there is an opportunity to evaluate and decide if it’s something you desire and if not its “okay” too. Lastly the list I thought would be lengthy was short. Something to ponder



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