A Movie Quote To Live By

” Love completely without complete understanding” . Do I wish to practice this or accept it. I also want to be a recipient. Like the boyfriend who couldn’t sleep anywhere but his own bed. Camping and trips up the coast were passed on. Or the story of the pot roast where each generation cut the ends off of each side before placing it in the pan and the the son-in-law asks why. ” well my mom did it” and in the end he finds out it started because the pan was too small. And to love my impetuous self without complete understanding. I had several business failures and patent that didn’t go anywhere and cost me monies I didn’t have. I have drank the Kool-aid thinking if success in one area will translate to another. I never took a business class or wrote out a business plan so it’s no surprise. On a deeper level to love those who are self destructive. Whenever they call, to listen and be supportive and not contribute any advice. The drinkers are not going to quit and I just hope to catch them when they are sober. My half brother works in post video editing…in porn. We hardly know each other and I am grateful he reached out to me when my bio father died. He gave me an opportunity to say goodbye. I am grateful to Norman Maclean and Robert Redford. A River Runs Through It.


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