Free Time

Mid February I going back out on the road meanwhile I am working at the surgery center playing a little bit of poker and reflecting. An opportunity came up to meet people from the neighborhood I grew up in. None of us knew each other but easily we shared our pasts and the present. Suzy from Montebello, who takes her 90 year mother to play at the casino, was generous and delightful. Surprisingly several people were educators. As The wholesome group discussion remained free of colourful language and showboating which I appreciate. Anna was considerate and lively letting both Sue and I edit the pictures she took of us. She is an avid photographer and she shared her love of watercolor and karaoke. Bill who I perceived to be a little lonely had an opportunity to share what it’s like to be a substitute teacher for 30 years. He is insightful stating that today’s kids have a struggle with “too many choices” and Sue stated ” I live in the house I was born in I teach at the school I attended…” I thought that was remarkable from a historical standpoint. Leslie was an attractive gal and a good sport. Matt choose on his own accord to record pictures of homes in Monterey Park listed by others on social media and then post which led to this meeting. I had my own agenda. I wanted to introduce them to this blog. In way I am too recording history which started out as a means to keep track of dates and places and has now become a writing expedition. Cheers to group of wonderful people.



2 thoughts on “Free Time

  1. It is a delight to read your stories.
    I’m curious to know if you ever needed to use your skills as a nurse, to help someone in need during your travels.
    I wish you much success with your blog and that these old friends follow you, because they don’t know yet what tbey have been missing.

    PS. The answer to the guessing game is out. Check my post from yesterday.


    • Girl that was the best picture guessing game in a long time. And I have not used my RN skills while traveling which is a relief because that means everyone is safe and thank you for sharing words that are both supportive and encouraging.


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