What do you Say?

Lovely social media has created a stir. Last week I attend a meet and greet based on where and when you lived in a particular city. Apparently there was a party crasher, I know I sat next to her and she was delightful. A gentleman at the same event, didn’t think so and shared his perception that implied not only did she not belong but her behavior put this group at risk. 101 comments later I realized you can’t fix ugly. We yield power with a pen or a stroke of the keyboard and may I never state anything but thoughtful factual observations and expressions that promote how special we all are and how important it is just to be nice. I don’t have to endorse the dark side which is a part of us but sometimes I can’t help myself. Last week I buried the coca-cola in the cabinet and then stacked all the other less desirable drinks on top. Why? Because no one else was going to do it, they kept pulling out soda and leaving a plastic mess behind. I enjoy a nice break room. It’s lame but got so much satisfaction especially when I heard they were looking for them. I said I put them away hee hee.


Free Time

Mid February I going back out on the road meanwhile I am working at the surgery center playing a little bit of poker and reflecting. An opportunity came up to meet people from the neighborhood I grew up in. None of us knew each other but easily we shared our pasts and the present. Suzy from Montebello, who takes her 90 year mother to play at the casino, was generous and delightful. Surprisingly several people were educators. As The wholesome group discussion remained free of colourful language and showboating which I appreciate. Anna was considerate and lively letting both Sue and I edit the pictures she took of us. She is an avid photographer and she shared her love of watercolor and karaoke. Bill who I perceived to be a little lonely had an opportunity to share what it’s like to be a substitute teacher for 30 years. He is insightful stating that today’s kids have a struggle with “too many choices” and Sue stated ” I live in the house I was born in I teach at the school I attended…” I thought that was remarkable from a historical standpoint. Leslie was an attractive gal and a good sport. Matt choose on his own accord to record pictures of homes in Monterey Park listed by others on social media and then post which led to this meeting. I had my own agenda. I wanted to introduce them to this blog. In way I am too recording history which started out as a means to keep track of dates and places and has now become a writing expedition. Cheers to group of wonderful people.



1421779208531-542592867Played poker yesterday and looked up to see a couple of guys who I knew were gypsies.  Stereotypes aside I am fascinated because we all have evolved.  My folks do business with a guy and my mom said one day they chatted a little and Angelo said he  wanted more for his kids and family.  To read,  write and go to school was important to him and he actively  changed the course. Then there was gypsy Mike who was a beautiful sexy guy who love women. The story goes that he had a bunch of girlfriends and each of these lucky gals got gifts. He’d take something that belong to girlfriend number one and passed on to the next gal. One day gal one got her fur coat back. Few years back fishing out Long Beach my friends winnning jackpot fish went missing and yes  the  gypsies’ burlap bag was  right next to mine. So what’s a few missing fish.  Culturally in the past, the gift of the grift is in  their makeup just like other cultures that honor their elders or arrange marriages. I get it and I ain’t mad, in fact the two guys ended up  at the omaha table and we broke bread. A delicious club sandwich and fried rice. I enjoyed their company and they teased me for not being shy. It was a good time.

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