Back In The Truck

Back in the truck and feels awkward but going to San Jose, Milpitas and San Francisco might help.The home where lawyers are roommates  or if you have rent control from the way way back you’re getting off cheap.  I loved it when both my grandmother and sister lived there at the same time and  I used every opportunity to visit.  I especially loved Chinatown where if you accidentally drop your groceries on the bus and oranges roll out you may not get them back. Or Louie dim sum on Pacific and Stockton where the  Chinese have a saying “a little dirt don’t hurt” so I’m staring at the cat with her litter lying on the bottom shelf as I order “Er bao  and sum mai” . If you can’t live in a building maybe you can scale it like a french dude did in little Italy  I watched it on TV and then went outside to see 5 helicopters hovering around a building near the Transamerica one with  cops on the roof waiting  to arrest him.  My grandmother lived above an erotica exotica bakery  “south of the slot” in the Tenderloin district.  The warmth and aroma were a bonus but the things they created with shredded coconut made it difficult for me to ask if the did a regular sheet cake for my Gma-s birthday.  “Sure” thank goodness.  San Franciscans are snobby, I would be too if I lived in Nob Hill or North Beach.  I thought paying a 50.00 dollar room tax per day at the Fairmont was a little too much. So I’ll visit for the day and   play some poker either at the Oaks Room or Garden State in San Bruno. Who am I kidding I gotta work.


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