What do you Say?

Lovely social media has created a stir. Last week I attend a meet and greet based on where and when you lived in a particular city. Apparently there was a party crasher, I know I sat next to her and she was delightful. A gentleman at the same event, didn’t think so and shared his perception that implied not only did she not belong but her behavior put this group at risk. 101 comments later I realized you can’t fix ugly. We yield power with a pen or a stroke of the keyboard and may I never state anything but thoughtful factual observations and expressions that promote how special we all are and how important it is just to be nice. I don’t have to endorse the dark side which is a part of us but sometimes I can’t help myself. Last week I buried the coca-cola in the cabinet and then stacked all the other less desirable drinks on top. Why? Because no one else was going to do it, they kept pulling out soda and leaving a plastic mess behind. I enjoy a nice break room. It’s lame but got so much satisfaction especially when I heard they were looking for them. I said I put them away hee hee.



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