A Wish for My Friends.

20150207_173428My birthday passed recently and for the record it was one of the most enjoyable special birthdays I’ve had in quite some time. To Fortino who I love because he is special and generous And Lillian who made me feel loved and cared for in a way that was reassuring. I didn’t realize I needed to be with these two but at the end of the night it was meant to be. In my opinion we three came from modest humble beginnings and by some measure we are successful. We all have loving family relationships and the laughter we share. Although it took a story of my other friend who farted at a party I took him too so he could flirt, did Fortino start to let the laughter take over. I shared about the pansy ass hand shake the car service guy gave me and the walk through sex shop in West Hollywood to notice “Organic Lube” and giant chocolate dildos and how I accidentally walked through photo shoot. It was in alley give me a break. I am in the words of some, a junkie of certain TV shows. Yes we went to Pump, the restaurant seen on the Bravo channel. It was beautifully lit and the music was just right, subtle French hipster music that if you listen to words closely you would start to cry. I was buzzed which helps the deep feelings coming bubbling up to the top and all I could feel was love for my two way way back friends. Fortino you are such a success and a picture of health. And to Lillian you made me feel like a birthday girl for the first time in a long time. I love you both and thank you for making this a remarkable Happy New Birthday.


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