Relax It’s Just Poker

Women’s Queen of Hearts 10:00 am 70.00 buy in. My favorite since I won long long time ago. You got your picture taken with a nice crystal trophy and bragging rights for about a week. 92 women this time and no Jose Canseco.  He once claimed reverse discrimination and then was  allowed to play.  There was a standing ovation for the gal who knocked him out. But I heard he made it into the money.  Anyways  today one gal complained the hour was too early and her drive was too long (40 miles). She whined about “how everyone thinks she is Filipino”. Or Hispanic, I guessed Guam.  She reacted as if  I said she was cyclops with  psoriasis. I tried guessing, given the 40 mile hint but gave up…why because it was none of my business and she was not EVER gonna tell me. I liked her play, a little textbook but unlike me if she knew she was  beaten she fold. I like to  chase too much and then wonder why I’m short stacked. My mom owed me 5 bucks because whoever gets knock out first pays the other one. I realize with such a small buy in it was just best to enjoy the company.  I raise with pocket pair got reraised. And an Ace came I was out. Oh well.


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