Nik has sole

Last Wednesday I went to my first ever kickstart party.  I was excited because the creator of the shoe line was there and I would have the opportunity to tell Nik how proud I was.  The facade was a 4 chair barber shop with the rotating barber pole on the outside in Los Angeles “Where is the party? .  A secret door led into a dark pub like atmosphere,  house music playing and super young crowd. Nik had the beautiful display of a footwear on a candle lit table.  I picked one up and smelled the new leather all which came From and made in  Portugal.  I hugged Nik and I immediately got a warm energy boost. “My whole life savings went into this” Nik says   You have to go out on a limb to get to the fruit.  I have a wristband which gets me a Bacardi sponsored rum drink and I order a 12.00 dollar sandwich. I’m definitely in Los Angeles Westside for sure.  I break bread with Phoebe and Moe and shared the take out they had.  A Filipino and and Idonesian and we talked food, poker and traveling and I loved the giggling “What’s up with the 13 letter names?” And teased both of them when I asked “how long have you guys been together”  they just met that night.  I knew the grilled cheese with bacon was going to be rich and it  was also delicious so I glad we shared it  The LGBT crowd is the target for these beautifully made shoes but they are for just about anyone.  I love the fresh faces complexions free of lines and beautiful heads of hair with good smelling product in it.  Everyone I met like Beck and her GF dressed stylishly and everybody gave good hand shakes. And I appreciated that there are plenty of people who take effort to dress nicely with crisp clean lines and accessories that complement rather than detract.  Nik’s girlfriend Amy seemed  tired but she was there to support Nik and that spoke volumes.  Nik you are an entrepreneur extraordinaire and have the best attitude to be successful. You are a good pet guardian too. I got my LA cache.


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