They say never write when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. I am three out of four so I’ll eek by.  I am Hungry to get back out on the road. Angry that a one decision resulted in a home needing work I didn’t anticipate. Lonely is rarely a feeling because the Guy upstairs is my constant companion. Tired “Yes” any hard working person is, guess that is all of us.  As I drove my car up two little ramps onto the 18 wheeler, I was so nervous being it was a first time. Channeling “dukes of hazard”  maneuvers did not work. I forgot to pull the parking brake up and now  have some beauty marks on the face of the bumper to show for it. The driver said “you’ll learn” he is right. I was angry he blamed me “Dude I never did this before”. Even Brian the 3rd guy said he was reluctant to do it. “Have you driven a car up a ramp?”. “No”. Aha!.

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