I remember a trivia question from long ago, “Which state has the most Tornadoes?” . Most said Kansas some said Oklahoma. Texas is the state for having the greatest number of Tornadoes.  Passing thru Texas just outside of Fort Worth the rain and wind reminded me of that fact.  I was scared  while the winds  caused the truck to rock back and forth and when I looked out the window I saw the American flag just stopped high up on a pole and this ominous sign was a clear signal.  We pulled over I saw plenty of debri blowing all around. The lighting did nothing to squelch my fears, and I was ready for something  that never came.  Later and further down the road I shared with driver that my thoughts have been like the weather and I was not looking forward to facing my cat dilemma and the anger I’ve been holding on to.  The driver tells me “You gotta let that shit go” headed west I gonna keep singing  that Frozen song. 


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