My dilemma with my cat has caused great  sorrow. I received the following text “what’s up with the cat?”    I replied I’ll go there today. Meaning my mom’s pad  “Do you want me to take the cat?” My friend said. This I where I got myself in big bad spot as I assumed she meant she going to take my cat. And she is  but to a vet. And maybe this vet will keep her for a while and maybe he won’t.  The driver said a cat will  not do well in a truck given she is older and ” when we are not in the cab for several days she can’t just live there. She, said cat, has a cattitude. I got her when my ex husband brought her home one day and because she was from a feral set and ugly no one wanted her  but us. 17 years later she essentially just eats and lays around.  I called about 12 cat related offers of help. No one wants an old cat. A humane shelter that is “no kill”  will in fact do that. The gal over the phone in a calloused response “ya we will put her to sleep in a week”. For 5 thousand dollars I can take a 3 hour drive and she can live out the rest of her 9 lives.  Here’s lies the rub she is not your average cat she had the cord wrapped around her twice when she was born she a little off. I don’t like her but I love her.



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