New York. Madhattan


Today was delivery day for a shipper who moved to one of my most favorite cities in the US.  Originally,  one of the 13 colonies. New York where at anytime you can yell scream and honk and no one really cares. Ticket tape parades and $15.00 for a pack of smokes. Sabrett hot dogs on just about every corner.  $3500 for a tiny 1 bedroom  flat with uneven sloping floors. You can easily tell who lives on the 22 square mile island (black clothes no smile good hair) and who doesn’t (everyone else)  I hear this place is becoming so pricy even the lower east side has got scruples. I loved New York for all the movies ever filmed here.  Grand Central Station pre Giuliani. I wanna be co-op girl and take the BQE to visit the Heights.  Russian Tea Room and Tavern on the Green are still my 2 favorite places , one tacky one classy. Neck strain and real good genuine fakes at canal.  ABCarpet and City Bakery were 2 places my sister turned me onto when she lived in Hells Kitchen. But my best memory was a head nod to Iggy Pop (walking on Madison Ave with hot Asian chick) and then later that night eating at Nobu’s in booth next to Mr. DeNiro. Because of him I now order “extra dirty Ketel Martini with a sheet of ice”

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