In The Woods Winchell

The driver and I know a helper who tells us ‘I got a friend who lives in the woods”  “He’s got a wood burning stove and some solar panels ain’t nobody gonna bother him out there”. I’m intrigued I’m thinking “shit I live in truck and I wanna compare. So I  continue with the questions “What about his mail?” Correspondence is sent to his brother’s.  In the morning he goes to McDonald’s eats  breakfast and reads the paper and he showers  at work.  His alarm system is 8ft  string  around perimeter of his place with a jar of nails sitting on a post.  He sees wild turkeys, foxes and of course deer.  I see a few jive turkeys giving me the eye and I wish I’d see some foxes (1970’s term for hot guys lol)which would cause me to say Oh dear.  Our friend says he takes him to the laundromat and the store then drops him off on the side of the road.  “It’s a crooked path he knows his way…Drinks his beer and no one bothers him.” “He ain’t got no lady so he got no trouble”. Railroad ties elevate his floor and lawn chair to relax in. I’m listening to him describe a way of life that makes me feel like a little kid listening to some crazy tale that’s true.  My hat’s off to Winchell.  And to the helper who shared this with us.


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