Recent cross country moves sometimes lead us movers to place  items in storage at the direction of the shipper. Being that said I’m in the wrong business. These labyrinth  type places are so popular. And  100 bucks a pop per month times a gazillion. Lights on timers. Low overhead and if shipper falls behind on few payments “the stuff”  gets auction  off.   This  job has taught  me that people are attached to their stuff. We move debris, boxes never opened, cracked plastic. Broken items and towel racks ( exercise equipment.). Dented trash cans & pantyhose  with runs in them. And everything in the box is heavy. The PBO’S which stands for place by owner, is usually  in most dilapidated box ever created, held together by some sorry ass tape. Then I have to listen to the driver say “hey watch it the box has stuff  coming out the bottom” Duh!. Inevitably  some schmuck  will ask “what’s the heaviest thing you ever picked up” I was tired sweaty and thirsty when he asked. I said   “pictures of a fat girl in a box”. Paper is so heavy. Imagine picking up reams of it all day long. Okay I feel better. Ziajian

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