What a Hooch


While on the East Coast we hire helpers who hop in the truck and travel with Us. One guy is my favorite he is a sharp and funny kinda fellow. “My dad has 17 kids…we ain’t got no Tv growing up”. His says the running water meant you ran to the well to fetch water and there was no such thing as “Walmart.  He has been able to provide for  his family and himself by working hard. I ask him “is moonshine and hooch the same thing?” Yes. He says the way they tell the alcohol content  is by the pour and a blue flame. If the flame stays lit 4ft feet off the ground it’s 80 proof, 3 feet means it’s 60. If the liquid on the ground continue to emit the flame it’s the good stuff ,way up there 110 proof. $ 25 for a fifth. “Gee that’s kind of pricey” “hey no worries that bottle will last you a whole summer, two sips is all you need”.  In the past I’ve had Armenian  hooch and once you’ve drank it you never forget it. Like they say “lighting in a bottle.”

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