Another Meta..phor Us


Back in town and I’m at the surgery center to pick up a few shifts.  I realized the signage above in pic is a metaphor of  life. I’m getting better at braking and being neutral.  Even steer cracks me up.  I’m thinking about all the cows out on the road.  I gotta focus on taking the lead and speeding up the learning curve. The driver thinks I should be further along and all along I thought I was.  Moving is more than putting stuff in boxes and writing on outside. It’s  frigging methodology. Imagine packing every glass item in your home light bulb, wine glass,  chandelier. Pictures and mirrors then moving it over 2000 miles of smooth flawless asphalt and concrete. Ya right, the road is so bumpy that I have been in  complete levitation while lying down in the bunk. I’ve had items above (pretzels or DVD’s) come down and hit my head.   I get upset with driver but it’s not his fault. He tries his best to steer clear of road hazards.  The driver and I brake for nourishment or construction  steer away from politics. And remain neutral in the belief there is 2 sides to every trucker story.  We arrive at our destination and not a single piece of glass is broken.  I’m impressed and still impressive with the whole trucker movers kinda of Life.


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