The Orleans hotel this past weekend was host to the International Burlesque Hall of Fame. I saw my first show at the Pink Door thanks to my sister, who  said “it’s a must do while in Seattle.” Having a vague idea, I  looked forward to seeing beautiful bodies titillating us with fancy  snow white feather fans, pasties and all  camp. What I experienced was so much more. To me burlesque became about transformation.   The show that  night  moved me to tears. This Asian gal arrived on stage with music that resonated Adagio. She slowly pull from her hair a crimson scarf from both sides and she slowly removed articles of clothing to reveal a beautiful alibaster body and with each slow movement I could feel the lump in throat become a hard knot. It’s was only after the show did my wise sister tell me that the last act was indeed a boy becoming a girl. I’m forever a fan.  A gal in the hotel elevator said she is from Seattle and “Yes I performed at the Pink door”. I asked “Is Waxie Moon here?”  “Yes he is”. Now close your eyes and picture a sinewy lithe 6’6 man who doesn’t wax, stripping down to a bedazzled thong. He was all camp and without uttering a single word  he showed me how special this form  of exhibitionism is. Bustles, corsets and cleavage with an array of jewel tone capes and shimmer. I especially appreciated that attendees all whom were  proud of their own respective bodies regardless of size. As luck would have it all the events were sold out but once the doors let out there was still a show.


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