Time to Share.


Being out on the road has its perks. Laundry and showers are a big treat but even better is staying at a hotel. Until they catch you. Checking in a  young good looking chap hands me a card for my free gift. I think it’s  gift bag with sunscreen and visor. It’s a pretty cornflower blue bag made out of paper. The gal who hands me the freebie goes through her spiel and it sounds so good. 90 minute presentation if you not interested you get a hundred bucks. If you are  interested, there is hell to pay. 10 grand gets you one week in Daytona Beach. And the maintenance fee is every month. I declined politely and as any good salesman knows you go through several “No” b4  you get a yes. I said I sold time shares before “oh really where?” ” Waikiki Oahu” thank goodness I was off the hook. But in the morning I got phone call “Are you sure?” Said the Diamond resort rep. “Yes and thank you for calling” . Got ready to hit the resort pool and forgot my suit, I went across the street and they put the merchandise in that pretty cornflower blue bag.


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