To Blog or Not To Blog.


Gotta hand it to you routine bloggers. I have not been keeping up with and ya’ll  know who you are. My hats off to You.  Lots happening so here in Florida.  At Cape Canaveral there are  launches not just the Space X Kind so monday there’s one  and  I am gonna check it out. Florida state tax is 6 something % helps when I make a yacht purchase (just kidding I know Luxury tax). According to a local the Atlantic sea and Gulf of Mexico  weather create conditions that results in rain every day about 4pm during the summer  and sure enough a drop hit me at 4ish. Down time  I went to Cosco and  closed my eyes and I knew I was in Florida. Cuban’s Spanish, based on  unique inflection and intonation sounds like speaking into a giant funnel.  The language starts big ends small and fast. My first exposure to Cuban Spanish  happened in grade school. “Myrna are your parents fighting?” “No that’s how we talk”. All around me  I was in the funnel & loved it. Cuban crackers too are quite unique. Large slight concave discs blanched white, like rusk sand dollar in  size. And if I’m not paying attention I can eat a whole bag.  Retention ponds abound. The hotel I’m at allows pets. So far I counted 18 dogs Then I found out there’s dog show here in Orlando.  Got a quick lesson in butterfly management at Cosco too. You can have a butterfly garden so they lay (eggs) and stay. It was a sweet and funny chit chat with an elderly gentleman. I said “pupa before larva” he said “get a book”. Milkweed is the buffet for these creatures. Both him and I agreed the miracle flight the Monarchs take every season. Then I bought the bug spray he was promoting.  Best part is driving around in a big Ford truck. I feel country.


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