Off the road and out of the truck for a few weeks. I feel fortunate to go back to the surgery center.  I also realize that most people including myself have no idea what comprises as a successful move. Traveling across from coast to coast is roughly 2300 miles give or take a few hundred. These roads are not paved smoothly and good help is challenging. I have a feeling the driver has had enough. God bless the shippers and the driver,  he has been doing it for 20 years and I  for only 2 seasons but it’s enough to understand that work needs to have its merits and benefits to off set the drawbacks. So I am  going to start small and take sailing lessons.  I shared with a patient the notion that once you are in this gypsy vagabond lifestyle it is hard to go back and stay put. I realize I am one of those people. I want to thank the driver for showing me the ropes and pointing out all the beauty that surrounds us all.



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