Cocktales and Spirits


Delivering household goods to a little city named Las Vegas. So I will play a little sleep a little and enjoy a cocktail or two. I’m lucky to know some of the wonderful and funny gals that serve you and I drinks.  Here’s what they have shared. If someone is not so nice and doesn’t tip that’s okay they understand but every now and then they can’t let it go.  Let’s say you order hot chocolate well they’ll put in the packet add hot water, not stir add whip cream and no straw. Or let’s say you have raised a glass in attempt to get a free drink. These gals know you’ve just pick up someone else glass. “I’ll have another ie: bloody mary. You’ll get a virgin one. Or the fake out. Someone  will look as though they are placing  a dollar in the machine but of course the screen on video poker reads 0.00$. Anything to get  free etoh. “You will drink yourself sober at my station”. Or finally the Rude guy who screams not yells but screams. “Cocktails ”  the gal will fast paced walk around rude guy “mouth the word cocktails” and skip over him. The eye in the sky will use play back and see she has announced but alas his back was turned indicating “No thanks”. I’ll max bet that if you are nice and courteous you’ll be served. Ziajian


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