Around the Block


The saying is as ubiquitous as drinking milk. I have so many things to say about these last several months. I read one of my recent entries, which I state I’m glad to be back at the surgery center. I’ve should of said I’m glad I have nursing to return to until my next adventure. I am both restless and contemplative. I’m still concern about the TV commercials that portray men as inept and lost without a female. Men are neither so I’ll be glad when it stops. I’m thinking there is no word to express this habit of thinking my time with my mom is finite and who will I be without her? A surge of tears overwhelmed me. I was merely  playing an app game where it says “Marilynn gave you a life” who am I if not Marilynn’s daughter which I seem to introduce myself aplomb. And although I am not homeless I want my condo back and  October can’t get here soon enough. Lastly I love the quality of my problems. “Like my Cadillac is in the shop” I watched a 1500 meter individual medley swim match on TV. This gal breaks a world record and  is a Stanford grad. I imagined her life. To be the best in the whole entire world what must that be like?  And if that isn’t enough she was delightful in the post swim interview. I’m hormonal, angry and sad and yet underneath this temporary cloud something wonderful awaits. For this I am grateful.


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