I have, in a nutshell, woven a series of events or mishaps into  tapestry of sorts. I wish to apologize for quasi-abandoming this blog.  Planning a month long trip to Southeast Asia I panicked when I realized I was not  going back into the OR once I returned from the road….darn.  And  getting back out on the road was out. What’s a gal to do? Start applying for OR positions like crazy. And then there were crickets. One major hospital said “didn’t meet criteria” one interviewer said was “over qualified” translates to “we rather pay less and new grads are chosen” Nursing is funny and fickle. Experience counts but gaps in employment don’t. I chose nursing specifically so I could travel. Then I got pounced on by several nursing agencies and their goal is to land a fish, filet the heck out of it and if nurse is lucky she’d get the  scales.  One particular agency was aggressive and told me this position  pays 35 an hour. I said “that is new grad pay.” “Well how much do you want? Back and forth ensued then I dropped them when they said “we will give you a 10 dollar stipend” “So 45 an hour?” Sensed hesitation the “Yes yes”  a ten dollar stipend is 10 dollars a day and not 45 an hour. They called often throughout the day set up interviews and pushed “so are you accepting the job…right….yes” when I asked to “think about it” the agency gal put her boss on the phone to put the squeeze on. Bottom line I choose a reputable agency and taking an 8 week OR  assignment in Porterville California. Porterville is a farming community with rich farmland and their owners, who I’ve heard, seek out their health care elsewhere because they can.  And that’s fine I wish to treat any and all people regardless of their livelihood.  I have no idea what I’m walking into, so cheers Mazel Tov to another adventure.


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