I’m sitting in a tiny lunch room in a big hospital  in Porterville California.  Deliciously listening to my new co-workers chat and enjoying a garlic laden tri-tip sandwich (the perks of the job). I drove only 3 hours from Los Angeles but this is different place.  All farmland and rows of deep forrest green shrub like trees with their tops shaved off. Oranges and lemons I am told are the main crops but I’m sure there are others. Evidence of drought is obvious but it’s part of nature. Like a blonde surfers back the hills are smooth, strong and comforting.  I shared , with my lunch companions, that “once you let the cat out of the bag” …even when asked “Where do you live?” “Well in a truck and Las Vegas but not really til late Oct. And sometimes in “The Cement capital of the United States”.  Irwindale California.  And Huntington Beach but not til 2017. I feel compartmentalize but it’s not a bad thing or is it?  I do feel at home here. I find it interesting that most of the peeps I’ve encountered, may go away for awhile like to school or the military but they find their way back easily. I guess it’s a spiritual thing because when I am  less distracted by the “stuff”, there is  room to be closer to God nature  and family and this seems to be the unwritten law here in Porterville.


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