Finland or Bust


How did I get so lucky. Like a third round pick for the NBA, I received a call from a good friend and because my name starts with an A I thought it was a butt dial…again. She asks “what are you doing mamas?” Oh boy here it comes “nothing why? “Do you want to go to Finland?” Without hesitation I said  “Does a fat baby fart?” And I hung up the phone and realized again that my gal C. K. Is my sensei.  Although she was not born before another, she has given me opportunities to experience such wonderful places and this time to a place where the temperature is  zero to minus 30 degrees, where it will be dark in the daytime and  where a  hotel is made of ice.  This gal has told me “fragrant beef” is cooked dog.  She has  snowboarded down a volcano mountain and had  smartly schedule a tour so early by 11am we were done since  the temperature there in the jungle rose to 112 degrees with 89%humidity.  She speaks Spanish and Mandarin  fluently, has a beautiful face and rock star body.  And she is my friend ( thanks God). So here’s to celebrating her Birthday and me answering the phone to say yes.


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