Komodo island


I didn’t go but here it goes. Thanks to Espy and Mary brave gals who gave me report immediately. These 180 lbs dragons can take down a deer. One bite wait 3 days for infection to kick in then feast. They smell with their tongue which explains why menstrual peeps stay away as well as anyone with recent cuts or wounds. The mother lays eggs and once hatched the babies scamper up a tree to survive otherwise they become a snack for a hungry male.   They can sprint faster than you think. The  rangers who work 2 days on an island then return home via boat, make 45$ dollars. 200 people live on  the island and the young boys hop quickly  in the outrigger in hopes that someone will throw something worthy over board. I remember years ago Sharon Stone former  hubby got bitten by a Komodo and was brought into the emergency room (never on my shift). It was bad news because a komodo mouth is worst Than a drunken sailor’s. With that said I enjoyed my futile attempt to see one with binoculars. The driftwood looked like one so that counts doesn’t it?


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