This country was everyone’s favorite. Lush and mountainous. One is  greeted  by persons with  hands place together in prayer format. If you see the King  place your hands way above your head. Neutral greeting is below the  sternal notch. I attended a lecture about Thailand before my visit. I was surprised to hear that the men can have girlfriends and mistresses and it’s  accepted…somewhat. A pragmatic culture with emphasis on being mostly nice and pleasant. I quickly memorized some Thai words that I wanted to use to  convey my best regard for Thai people and make a  good impression. Baht dollars went far and speaking of few Thai words  went further. The King  is celebrating his  88th birthday. He is not in the Palace but at a hospital, given his failing health.  All throughout Phuket  there are altars with his picture.  I try to learn as much as I can in the amount of time given but here it was about quietness and observation. People love the King. Faces range from full moon plumpness  to exotic light eyes and razor high cheekbones. I chose a legit Thai massage and had an experience that gave me deep respect for this skill. A bone deep inside my body had released and I was not scared of the “pop” sound.  All that I was holding in was released and I was whole again.  Long live the King!


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