Hell maybe hot but here is not. Observation led me to believe a few things. During winter with double digit negative temperatures the Fins get by with very little. One approached me and was frank, he pointed to my ensemble and said “it’s too much and I am from here.”   Diners looking out the window would tap their companion as to indicate to look at the passers-by.  I did not care because I was warm and planning on staying outside for hours.  Sardines and lovely jams do well for sustenance. You can have open bottles of booze in public. Saunas are ubiquitous. Sweden once occupied Finland then the Russians had a go at it.  Then around  1918 Finland came into its own, a relatively new country.  The language with its  multiple meanings and maximize use of the umlaut is an auditory treat.
Its a tongue twister without being harsh   KUSSI KITTOS and Terveuloa. Hei hei  moi moi are easy but ruisvalipalanakkileipa and suklaapatukka are not. I close my eyes to listen.  To me it’s the most lilting diaphanous language I’ve heard.  Next stop Lapland. A local said there is nothing out there, I beg to differ because it’s all new to me.


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