Foiled in Frankfurt


Lufthansa pilot says “we are diverting to another airport”. Apparently the weather was so bad all flights grounded.  My Swede passenger and I were suspicious. Both of us had come from harsher climates “Terrorist threats?” Two hours later waiting on the tarmac, we leave for Frankfurt. Long story short I got meal and hotel voucher to spend the night. This will be only the 2nd time I’ve stayed in Germany. Angela Merkel has been  chancellor here for at least 10 years. I know very little but the Germans say she “okay” (I asked a few people while waiting in line) I also  found out the Mega Panama canal is open (more people in line). I took pics back in Dec. 2013 and story back then was the Chinese were running out of money to finish it.  Not much has change with German food. Pickled, sour and bread type food  still same. Euro strong, dollar weaker. Played with makeup, perfumes and sunglasses at duty free and learned a little about caviar. If anyone ever asks me what kind of roe I’d like I will say “Imperial of course” But I thought caviar was a Russian thing? Oh well Auf wiedesen


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