Oops Forgot Malaysia


There is debate in Malaysia. This country conveys that religion is freedom of choice  and it’s people can choose. Someone else said “if you are born here you are Muslim” I would agree that Penang is Asia’s equivalent to Silicon Valley. High rises million dollar condos and a stream of Ferrari cars race past me while I’m on the bus.  Lush jungle rain forest landscape makes me jealous. Motorbike madness is here too. A bright pink building compound looked benign but alas the barb coiled wire confirmed it’s a prison. The locals say it’s rough too and prisoners in The Americas are in hotels compared to here.  The straits of Malacca is one of the most important trade routes. My penangite  guide made me homesick “you know the song ‘When I’m sixty four’?” “Well its gonna be my birthday” He started singing and I started crying, happy tears of course. All the same things are shared that make us happy. I am grateful for this month long journey and realize I still have so much to feel hear and taste. Thank you Asia for all your gifts. Ziajian



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