30 Days to Go.


Porterville California I embraced dearly as a temporary home. One more month and off to another assignment. The people here don’t ask for much. Here, I  developed a bad thrift store habit. Did I really need the Con air stone massage set up? I could use a crock pot some hot water and tongs couldn’t I?  Funny thing I know I’ll come back to work here again.  There is a small town feeling in all of us and its not necessarily a warm and fuzzy one but one of recognition. Porterville ‘s  gifts of fruits, nuts and especially livestock and horse talk make me a fan. People here taught me love of family as they  they walk the walk. Long lasting relationships and marriages outweigh just about everything else. A tank of gas lasted a month if I stayed local. And no one knows outside of tulare county  where this place  is but that’s okay.  Next stop Cuba.


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