California Hot Springs


I knew if I didn’t go today I was going to miss this wonderful treat.  It was opened Dolly Parton hours (9 to 5). $ 12 fee and the owner’s name is Mary.  88 degree pool in 51 degree weather was inviting. And to suit your jacuzzi needs there are two 102 and 104 degrees of hot mineral goodness. Met Stephanie and Michael. We had nice chat about love, location and time. They have know each other 40 years, both been  married to other people had  kids and then divorced.  Social network brought them together. “You guys are LDR’s”  “Whats that?” Long distance relationship. She lives in Santa Cruz and he’s a


local. I said in no time he will fall in love with the Ocean too. Stephanie had a idea I’ve discussed with others. Some relationships have a shelf life and  hers was about 25 years “And what you value”? she said  “Monogamy” . I said something along the lines of real estate of the heart can be an acre or a millimeter. Micheal was feeling his oats saying that you get older you notice a lot more people die.  Then another gal entered the jacuzzi and join the light banter. “I’ve been experimenting with chocolate and vegetables. Leeks and chocolate to be exact.” She deliciously describe a variety of dishes. “I sliced the eggplant and put salt to dry them know. I used ricotta..” I said “sister you gotta stop I’m getting hungry”.  I booked a massage and could hear the running water creek which was nature’s  spa soundtrack. I had a hamburger, beer in a can and bottle water  $10.47. Went back downstairs and then a family arrived. The Muslim women had their bathing suits on. It’s a poncho with an attached Habib with  a colorful batik border and a  full length skirt. Swimming must be a drag. They, along with their children, look to be enjoying themselves. I love listening to the language which was pretty much the


same in English “get in the water it’s not that hot”.  There are universal truths.  All kids run with excitement to jump in a pool and husbands and wives hold each other in the water. Ziajian.



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