You Can’t Go Home

20160109_163610.jpgA few months ago I heard from a friend ” Hey its me …My brother has been divorced about a year and a half you should give him a call”.  As I write this I realized you can’t go back and He was just being nice.  Asking to be put in the friendship category and hang out is bullshit and unreasonable.  Better to write it out as a cautionary tale and accept you can’t go home.   Real estate of the heart can be a millimeter or acre but its there.  I was doing so good on my own playing poker, working and traveling.  Situations like these caused a skid mark in my life…then a flood (emotions) then back out to the desert where I  belong.  It doesn’t matter that Ive been with someone the past 12 years, there was life I lived that proceeded my my life now and it was filled with freedoms, adventures and significantly less obligations.  I tied this into thinking what was and what could have been.  I choose not to see this as a danger zone but a beautiful walk down memory lane.  For This I am grateful. Ziajian


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