It’s Nurses Week


“She’s a  NURSE”. I’d be at party and cringe if I was introduced this way.  Why? Because I’d be held captive in a corner holding my glass filled with proseco in one hand and examing a lesion on someone’s side rib cage with my other.  ” Can you tell me what this is? I really wanna say “Ebola” but I can’t I put down the hor d’oeuvre and say. ” I’m not a diagnostitian but it looks like (_____fill in the blank) freckle” Another time I was at a raging party and an acquaintance bit a chip and it got jammed between her tooth and gum line. She was miserable and before you know it I had her head in my lap saying “I see it” with two cocktail toothpicks I got it out. I was really proud of myself and I imagined how surgeons must feel.  Nursing is something I do but not who I am I told myself in protest. But nursing has given me gifts I could have not imagined for myself. And I love what I do so much that even the stereotypes don’t bother me.  So to all  the hotties out there. Male nurses too. Hope you enjoy your pen-calculator key ring. Ziajian


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