My travel wife says “you pick”. Places on list were Morrocco and Eastern Europe. I chose Nepal from an idea that this place is magical. I will act as a traveler and conduct myself accordingly. I understand the world is becoming saturated with tourists and the locals may not state how they really feel about this commerce. So I will try not to be selfie absorbed. I was fine yesterday until an acquaintance told me that the trek is substantial and bridges with foot boards reveal crevasses with a 200 feet drop. “WHAT?”. Now it’s all I am thinking about. Called my bank and no currency exchange for Nepal rhupees. Videos on YouTube are couple years old. Here we go again. I hope I am physically prepared. Diamox for altitude sickness and water purification tabs. 26 days of trekking which is different from hiking I tell myself. I call for reassuring pep talk and she says ” we can back out” and all of a sudden I feel a warm flush like sensation and respond to her. “No we are doing this”. Again I am humbled by what lies ahead. Zaijian.


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