If I could. Nepal please

I thought of Sir Edmond Hilary as I was huffing and puffing on a trek I had no business being on. May 29 1953 this man from New Zealand scaled Mount Everest. Such a feat granted him knighthood from the Queen. The Sherpa Tenging Norge was really the hero. I am completely exhausted never have I seen so many rocks and road apples. The French and Germans are giving me tips on how to breathe. “use your diaphragm” I wanna tell them y’all have the Alps and Pyrennes mountains. I’ve decided I’m the reluctant hiker and curse under my breath “why why? As I lie on bed of rocks ( feels like it) I feel my thigh and it’s rock hard and not because of muscle development it’s like lock jaw of the loins. It hurts to stretch. Somehow I must of romanced the hell out of this trip. And now I have a touch altitude sickness. Chest pain which feels like spasms and a gas bubble. The things you do for love. Cynthia…bite me. Zaijian.


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