Split Croatia

2nd Largest population, 200,000 out of 4 million live here Per walking tour Ivan points out the imperial palace along with military escort structures. The nuances of a developing language and discussion of who did what first. But it was Maritza who at 23 years old, told me her interpretation of both old and new. “ I was born after the War” . Free medicine for all but waiting for vision and dental you might choose private. The Kuna is now obsolete, so recent that stores still list both prices. “ I miss the kuna” the wallet was thicker and she saved some for sentimental value. “ You must have Burek in Bosnia it is not our dish” . “ you will like Bosnia there are Muslims, orthodox, different people living together….they are nice not like here” I disagree. She asked about Biden and smiled when she asked about Trump. A sheepish grin as though she knew what was happening in the states. “ It’s a big deal to go to Las Vegas and get married,maybe I’ll do that”. My teachers keep getting younger and Maritza you are Dobra!


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