Approaching eagerly I look out the bus window to see a town I only read about. Taxi drivers and locals ask “ where do you stay?” Old town or the city. I look directly to travel partner and she says “old….” Limestone steps often steep and not uniform. Honeymoons are celebrated and Special gifts like a diamond placed in the middle of a credit card as a souvenir. The Romans,the Ottomans and Venetians created fortresses and walls to withstand pounding waves. Bells are heard throughout day and evening. I stop and listen and it feels very special to me. Exploring The Old Town is best served by a walking tour. Anything you want to know can be answered during those 3 hours. Futbol can be heard playing in most bars on the Telly. Construction guys have a soft spot for cats and the cats here are phat. Antiquity at its finest is one of the best parts of being here. Next stop the Golden Bruce Lee. Bok Bok


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