Train from Mostar in 2.5 hours. All I knew about here was the Winter Olympics in 1984. There was plenty of snow as we got off train and I felt bad giving a guy stink eye when he said “ 10 euros” via Uber taxi, reading ahead of time can be detrimental as well as necessary because it can portray a place as dangerous. Sarajevo is Not! Hillside homes and narrow streets made more narrow by the storm a day before. Cats and cars have the right away and you better get out of the way quickly! Not a history buff like my travel buddy, I did receive an interpretation of what started World War I. The catalyst necessary for independence, the assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. Maritza whom I met in Split said “ you will love Sarajevo, the people there are Muslim, Orthodox and Christians, they are all nice” what is especially nice is walking in the city among churches, synagogues and mosques and hearing a call to prayer and church bells at the same time. You are right Maritza! Ciao


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