Ciao Sarajevo

“I feel like we are leaving on high note” I said to my travel colleague. The day before we got on the accordion bus and it was packed! A bunch of youngsters rushed the doors and the driver pissed off for obvious reasons. Moments later the bus slams on the brakes and several people fall. After the commotion everyone got up except one gal who obviously had an ankle dislocated. “Everyone off” and in the distance, wailing siren getting louder. The transport was for her, and later a guy said “oh ya I saw it on the news” huh?. The adrenaline pump we received from the ordeal was used up in the long walk. Today we went to a mall got nails, eyelashes, and a blow out. Taxi to dentist who came highly recommended. Once teeth cleaned (legit) it came to about 100 bucks for everything. The high note was meeting Adis,Haris, Dr Tarik and others who made us feel safe and comfortable. Tonight overnight train to Belgrade. Until the next time adios and goodbye.


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