Bulgaria has its own history with emphasis that this town is not named after a woman or a saint but from a church. St Sophia Church. The grand scale buildings and guards at gate are enough to make you feel glad you visited. The metro has areas of Roman reign section off between the turnstiles and ticket machine. Martin is a common Bulgarian name according to 25 year old Martin. He left his town to find work. He runs the desk at the hotel and I assumed he’s the massage therapist too at said hotel. The younger bartender upstairs move to Sofia to find a girlfriend he “come from a small town of 10,000” and we could tell he was on Tinder. Our hostel was shitty no sink in kitchen so dishes had to cleaned at bathroom sink so I ended up going to hotel for a few more bucks. Travel buddy stayed at hostel so we’d both get a good nights sleep. Next morning she’s pissed, the groceries we purchased went bad because the refrigerator wasn’t working? No money back but a poor review and never again notion. The woman below weighs 8 tons she holds three coins in her left hand (Christianity) and her name is NOT Sofia.


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