Serbia with little Siberia

An Overnight train from Sarajevo to Belgrade. Taxi guys looming at train station to take advantage of your tired and weary ass “ how much? . “ Twenty Euro” then in a quick gesture he tacks on another 5 for each suitcase. No thank you we walk. Yes a Starbucks not yet open but outdoor seating empty after humping luggage uphill and over stairs. We are told once it opened 0700 am by the sullen mean spirited barista “Next time you can not sit there” I immediately say “okay” but my travel buddy is justifiably pissed off. He takes our order and serves burritos cold and since one was touched “ I cannot heat it you touched it “ He was a bona fide asshole. So this is Belgrade. Cold reception leads me to guess what else is next? . My bad impression ended once we trudged to Hostel Che and were greeted by Dutch gal Melissa with her first words “yes” and “sure”. Hot water in kitchen and tea was available and all was good again.

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