A Flood

Today there were three types of floods. The Rooter Rooter guy said “too much toilet paper” in the line and 350.00 dollars gets a five day reprieve from the next one. Whatever, I’ve had my share of plumbing stories and I left out the word horror stories because I am grateful for plumbing in general and this recent one occurred at my mom’s home. For the record those ” flushable baby wipes” are contraindicated. More than one plumber has pleaded with me….word. My mom and I escaped to the local movie theatre to see “The Gambler” and it was not what I expected and provoked me in to a different frame of mind. The message is clear. To be a position to say “Fuck you” my grandfather had a similar saying “Your best friend is a dollar in you pocket.” I love the movies for this reason and its a shared love I enjoy with my mom. The last flood of emotions occurred while watching TV. Another new low for those unhappy inconsiderate people waiting to create pain and suffering. An Ashley Madison ad which came across as light and misleading with music. I sat shocked and turned towards my mom and asked if she knew about this site for adultery. The others ads soliciting against doctors and hospitals with “if you had complications with a transvaginal mesh call…..” I dislike those with the intensity of a white hot sun. These ads are opportunistic and clueless but so casual was the ad I saw today it hit me,ethics aside, it will be a source of pain for some.



Task at Hand “You’re killing me Larry”

Some people enter the water a toe at a time I jump right in. The  blogging, the writing came out of desire. I thought for sure I’m going to write what’s in my mind while we are driving thousand miles back and forth. I started the facebook page and it was enjoyable. It also  served a purpose by keeping track of who and where and what. But now I jumped ship thanks to my know it all sister..no really! she does know it all within this discipline. So upon her suggestion which I know is in my best interest I am not giving up. I get it I know I’m supposed to be here but with all these widgets’ categories, side bar media stuff the letters on the dashboard I am overwhelmed btw what the heck is RSS? ( I am explaining not complaining) I read some poor gal’s request for help I say ” good luck sister”  I realized she is speaking my language. I feel like a troll in the Miss America Beauty pageant. So learning annex? Nope! I’m not giving in. Zia Jian and Shalom.