Task at Hand “You’re killing me Larry”

Some people enter the water a toe at a time I jump right in. The  blogging, the writing came out of desire. I thought for sure I’m going to write what’s in my mind while we are driving thousand miles back and forth. I started the facebook page and it was enjoyable. It also  served a purpose by keeping track of who and where and what. But now I jumped ship thanks to my know it all sister..no really! she does know it all within this discipline. So upon her suggestion which I know is in my best interest I am not giving up. I get it I know I’m supposed to be here but with all these widgets’ categories, side bar media stuff the letters on the dashboard I am overwhelmed btw what the heck is RSS? ( I am explaining not complaining) I read some poor gal’s request for help I say ” good luck sister”  I realized she is speaking my language. I feel like a troll in the Miss America Beauty pageant. So learning annex? Nope! I’m not giving in. Zia Jian and Shalom.


3 thoughts on “Task at Hand “You’re killing me Larry”

  1. Thank You so much for leaving a comment. This truly is overwhelming as I have said before I have become stressed and obsessed with the whole kit and caboodle. You have done very well, if you had not said so, I would not know your struggles! 🙂 Beautiful! Send Sunshine as you brightened my day already!

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