Lil Ms. Marilynn

While waiting in between my next road trip I stay with this gal. Her: oh ya so and so has sleep apathy. I know what she means but I want to be amused and laugh so I continue looking at her. She says “sleep apineah ?” Even Apple Ipad corrects this as I write. ” you’re close. ” sleep apnea. This is the same gal that told me “Did you know so and so is a tea bagger?” I said “What!,” “Yes she is some kind of Republican” I tell her that so and so is probably part of the tea party movement and she nods her head. “Mom do you know what tea bagger is?” She clearly doesn’t know and this prude of a daughter tells her what it is with advise that she share the PC version. This is a gal, while growing up said Little Perry in the house (Little House On The Prairie) gazette means cassette. I understand her well and I think she puts a wonderful spin on the English language so what if she is the D-word dyslexic. I love you mom you make me laugh and you are such a good sport. Zia Jian and Shalom


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