Community Inspired

I read and commented on An American Social Worker In London who wrote about showing up to an Interview. I agreed wholeheartedly as he shared that one should be present presentable and prepared. Then I scrolled down and BAM got hit with piece. A call for a Black Caucus to provide an environment that is conducive to elevating people so that they may thrive and all that is Implied. I talked it over with family and we agreed that others suffering have not gone unnoticed. We also agreed to remain steadfast to supporting others. “To whom much is given much is expected” is the thought that has remain after his reading. My futile attempt to find the other individual who wrote about the death in Ferguson was not successful my thoughts lingered long after reading her passionate opinion. Around that time I was driving through Missouri very close to the city and I was sad and scared. Later that evening I played poker in Kansas City and not a single person brought up the ordeal. Mind you everything gets talked about at the poker table. I thought maybe it’s to painful to discuss I choose not to think that no one cared.



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