Oh Boy…No it’s a Girl.

I may not  know the all the nuances as it is a painful yet ultimately joyous story but here it goes. My Mom was a novice postulate (year one for a nun) and Mother Superior took her aside and told her that this was not her calling. The nuns at the Convent of the Good Shepperd in Los Angeles in essence kick out a young girl who knew very little of the world. Once put out (I’m exaggerating a bit) she was lost and was helped out by a tall blonde guy who got her pregnant and she ended up ironically in another convent to givewpid-20140819_190856.jpg birth to a girl.   The worst  happened, they let my mom hold her and then took the baby away to be put up for adoption.  This painful event was the source of my mom’s amnesia to the point of using a hypnotherapist to recall dates and times. At  28 years old and after my brother Aaron’s death at age 21 my mom told me I had a sister.  The reason for this story is simple. My Sister lives here in Seattle and its one of the best things that happened to me so much I had to blog about it.  I joke with her since my dad was Mexican and hers wasn’t. I say we are chocolate and vanilla


2 thoughts on “Oh Boy…No it’s a Girl.

  1. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing your life story. This might have been hard for your mother and am glad you are reunited with your sister.
    Can I ask if your mother finally met her and how she found her?
    Cheers to a wonderful encounter.


    • my mom had joined ALMA adoption liberation movement assoc. For guidance & support and she paid $350.00 to a private investigator who got her # phone. As soon as contact was made my sister met with my mother and I. Fortunately our encounter was a healthy one. We were also aware not every event has a positive outcome. My mom was prepared for both


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